Artistic Wedding, Engagement, & Lifestyle Photography

What is your photography style?

Rossini Photography’s style is a combination of photojournalist or candid wedding photography with Fine Art photography. Our goal is to tell the true story of your wedding through our pictures, narrating the events as they naturally occur, capturing spontaneous emotions, without creating artificial scenes or poses. In the meantime we put particular care into creating a unique photographic style by seeking interesting framings and striving to capture the perfect moment, because we believe that each shot should be more than just a faithful documentation of what happened during the wedding. It should overall be a beautiful and evocative image, which brings back the emotions of the day.

We are so dedicated to making the best out of every shot, that digital re-touching techniques are a fundamental ingredient of our style, enabling us to create a professional Fine Art finish to our work. We are not talking here about basic editing of light and colors by applying standard filters to the photograph, but of tailored Fine Art touch-up: we spend an average of 30 minutes on each final image chosen by our clients enhancing the beauty of the photographed subject, without altering its natural features. We smoothen skin and even skin tone, soften lines, brush away blemishes and imperfections, brighten the eyes or whiten the teeth to highlight a look or a smile. We strongly believe this type of accurate work and dedication makes the real difference in the final quality of a wedding photography service, turning good pictures into artistic images, which bring back the emotions of the day.

How do you work during the wedding day?

First of all we guarantee our personal presence at your wedding, in order that the quality of your wedding photographs will have the same high standards of the images you appreciated on our website.  We always photograph in two, which allows us not only to be sure not to miss out on any crucial happening, but also to use a variety of angles and lens to tell the same moment from two different perspectives.

We shoot discreetly, in the background, without interfering or interrupting the couple and their guests from enjoying their day. One of the most frequent appreciations we receive from our clients is that we have been able to be everywhere and photograph everything being barely noticed!

Moreover, we tend to avoid the use of flash lights, preferring to capture the fascinating nuances of natural light and to enhance chiaroscuro creative effects. We might use a flash light when it’s late at night and there is little to none environmental lighting, but you will never see use a flash light during the day, especially during the ceremony, despite how dark a church can be.

Your style is photojournalistic. What is your approach with regards to couple and group portraits? 

Regarding couple portraits, our approach is to stay away from rigid poses and always encourage the couple to be themselves, talk, laugh, kiss, do whatever they feel like, naturally. Of course we will suggest particular spots which are more scenic than others, or we will advise you to sit down or to hold hands, but that is how far we go. We want you to feel at ease, be as natural as possible and, more importantly, enjoy your time.

Despite who chooses journalistic wedding photography usually hates posed group portraits, the truth is that every couple after the wedding is always sorry they didn’t do a few. Therefore we always advice the couple to provide us with a short list of guests they would like group photos taken with, and it will be our task to find the right moment to shoot them.

Do you deliver the full resolution files of all the photographs taken?

On your wedding day we take, between the two of us, thousands of photographs. We go through a first screening process ourselves, taking out all the bad ones – i.e. eyes closed, blurry, etc. – and narrowing them down to around 1000 good photographs.

We deliver a DVD containing the full resolution files of the final touched up photos + all the other 1000 photos with basic editing. This way you will be free to print out as many copies of the pictures you wish, without necessarily asking us for them.

We also offer the service of uploading these same final pictures on a dedicated online page, allowing your family and friends to view the wedding photographs directly on the web, without needing to bother you.

How long do we have to wait to receive the photographs?

We guarantee delivery of the digital proofs of your screened wedding within 45 days from the wedding day. Once we receive your selection of your favourite photographs, it will take us no longer than 90 days to deliver the final full resolution touched up files + your wedding album or digital photo book.

If yours is not a wedding, but an photo session, i.e. an engagement or newly wed session, delivery times will be much shorter.

Do you also take wedding videos?

The videographers we work with are in perfect synch with our photographic style. They use reflex cameras, and not the bulky tv/cinema cameras, refrain from adopting annoying artificial lighting, and therefore have an extremely discreet presence, just like ours.  They never interfere with the natural flow of events, asking you to do things for the camera, but use our same photojournalistic approach. Last but not least, they have an eye for us and always stay one step aside or behind us, never in front, allowing us to perform our job well and your photographs to come out at their best!

The final video has duration of approximately 20/30 minutes and narrates the story of the entire wedding day, accompanying the images with a customized sound track chosen by the couple and sound bytes from the day. There is no use of flashy special effects, preferring an elegant, cinematographic cut. In addition to that, the videographer puts together also a “Highlights” version of the video, which lasts 5 minutes and summarizes all the crucial moments of the day on the beats of the couple’s favourite song, which is the ideal format to share online with family and friends.

In which areas of Italy do you shoot weddings? Are you willing to travel?

Our photography studio is based in Trastevere, right in the heart of Rome. However we have been hired to photograph weddings and engagement sessions across all Italy, from the northern lakes to the beautiful beaches in the south. And we have even travelled abroad to shoot destination weddings.  We are happy to follow you in your dream location, you will simply have to add to the quote travel and accommodation expenses for the two of us.